Lion Gate Academy

The Lion Gate Academy supports children (U6 and U7) who have graduated from our Little Cleats or similar program and are now ready to pursue more advanced technical training and development in preparation for their first exposure to travel soccer.

Free training is provided to allow parents and children a glimpse into the process and development within our travel program which runs over ten months a year.

Lion Gate Academy will provide a foundation for your children that will follow them as they progress through the BSC program. A focus is placed on the technical aspects of ball mastery and tactical elements of the game.

There are two co-ed groups every year, ages U6 and U7. Please use the registration form below to be notified of the next *drop-in training session.


Day 1 Skills

Children will be presented with and asked to duplicate many footwork related skills that create a base and foundation for everything they will learn moving forward. Some of the technical skills are:

  • Bells
  • Toe-Taps
  • Juggling
  • Inside/Outside touches
  • Laces dribbling
  • and more!

We close each training session with small sided or group friendlies to apply the skills they learned in the session and to have some fun!


Age Groups For 2024 PARTICIPATIOn

  • Children born between January 2017 and August 2018 only

*Drop-In training is done first come, first served. An email announcement will be made and parents can opt-in for the training via sign-up form. Most sessions are scheduled 4-7 days in advance, depending on field availability and weather conditions. All dates are subject to change and cancellation.